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  • Where is the best place to find scores for varsity games?

  • What exactly is a "League" game and how is it different from other games?

  • I see a game between two teams in the same league, but it is not marked as a "League" game - why not?

  • I get that 'PTS' in the Standings is short for points, but how are they calculated?

  • Can I export my team's schedule to my online calendar (ex. Google Calendar)?

  • Wait, I don't see my question here! What should I do?

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There are many places to find scores (for varsity games) across the site, and where to look depends on whether you want scores for one team or from one school, or across schools and even leagues, or scores for every single game played today, or yesterday, or on any date.

Use this basic rule: if you are looking for scores for one team or teams from the same school you should go to the school's page. Otherwise, go to the scores page at to find scores for all sports or individual sports, broken down by league.

Any game that counts towards crowning a league champion at the end of the season is considered a "League" game, and will be marked as such with a "CAL" or "CAC" icon (depending upon the league). While you might assume that any game between two schools from the same league would fall in this category - that would be a bad assumption.

Each sport has a "League" schedule that determines which other schools a team must play and how many times. Occasionally two teams within a league will decide to play additional games outside of the requirements. These extra games do not count towards crowning league champions, but they are important.

"League" schedules determine which teams win league championships at the end of each season. These schedules vary across sports and leagues, so requirements for one sport may be different from others.

Occasionally, two teams within a league might determine that they are a competitive match or there might be an historic rivalry between the schools (or their coaches). In these cases, and if there is room on their schedules, the teams may play additional games beyond what the league requires, and if so these contests are considered non-league and will have no impact on deciding league champions.

While wins and losses are a good indicator of who the best teams are, points are used to determine which team or teams are the ultimate champions.

The point system is very straightforward: each win is worth two points, a tie earns one point, and a loss nets a team nothing.

The point system mainly comes into play for sports where contests are allowed to end in a tie, such as soccer, ice hockey, and track (to name a few). In these sports teams can arrive at the same point total in different ways. For example a team that finishes with ten wins (10 x 2) and a team that has 8 wins and 4 ties (8 x 2 plus 4 x 1) will finish tied with 20 points.

Why, yes you can. This is a new feature of the site and thus, while it has been tested quite a bit, there is always the chance that something might not work right.

Start at the school page, then select the sport from the 'Teams' menu. The varsity schedule will be displayed by default, but you can select other levels from the choices in the sport header.

Now make sure to hide any event types that you don't want to export (such as practices or scrimmages) and hit the 'Export' button. A window will open with a link for you to copy and instructions to import the schedule for the major online calendars.

What, you mean you have questions other than these? Well then you should probably check out our FAQ page.

FAQ stands for 'frequently asked questions', and there is a link to it in the menu at the top of this page. You will also find quick links to the FAQ on the schools and scores pages, as well as in the account management area.