Don't panic! You have reached!

I have recently completed a major redesign of the website.

As a result, many, well most, actually ALL of the URLs have changed.

Simply put, this means that if you are trying to reach the site through a bookmark, it won't work.

Remove everything after in the address bar above to reach the Front Page of the site (or just click here). The menu looks different but acts the same way, so if you want to reset your bookmark, just navigate to the page you want and reset it!

There are still some things that need to be done, but you still have access to schedules and scores for the entire Cape Ann League (and varsity for the NEC - although spring schedules aren't up yet.)

The My Teams functions are not currently operational, but they will be very soon. In fact, that is the first item on my ToDo list. In the meantime, you will still receive e-mail alerts if one of your teams has a schedule change.

Many of the changes are results of updates in the scheduling functions that the Athletic Departments use to maintain their schedules. Another driving force was the need for a more responsive site, which will provide a much nicer mobile experience.

So, to make a long story even longer, I apologize for any inconvenience that the new site design has caused. Hopefully you will find the changes worth the hassle.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Chris Lamothe
Owner and operator, designer and developer, reporter and photographer, yada yada yada